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A = Forklift MAST

The mast determines how high your forklift will lift. Mast size is NOT important when ordering forklift forks.

B = Forklift CARRIAGE

The carriage height determines the class of your forks. This measurement is critical when ordering forklift forks.
16`` Tall = Class 2 | 20`` Tall = Class 3 | 25`` Tall = Class 4

C = Forklift FORKS

The length, width, and thickness of your forklift forks determines how much weight they can handle. The width, length, thickness, and lifting capacities are all listed next to each set of forks on our site.
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When Ordering Forklift Forks :

Without both the height of your forklift carriage and the desired length of the forks, we can not accurately quote forklift forks.

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